Meet Our Highlands

All Registered, Pure Bred, Scottish Highlands

King 6 Months Old_edited.jpg

WL King

Registration Number: Pending

DOB: 04/10/21

Sire: WL Genesis

Dam: WL Georgia Sunrise

King is the first bull calf sired by the highly sought after WL Genesis of Windland Flats Farms. Genesis is a Striking Silver Bull whose semen straws sold for $550 a piece and a young cow bred to Genesis sold for $25,000 in the March 2021 North Central Highland Regional Association auction.  King’s Dam is WL Georgia, Georgia is the daughter of Trafalgar Victor, who was a Grand Champion at the Denver stock show, and sired by the great Sunset Limited Edition. Georgia’s Dam, Prairie Grass Hills Sunsong is an impact dam sired by the past Canadian National Champion bull Du Boise Lecoq.  Georgia has passed on to King a very correct and proportional frame to go with his strong hooves and legs. King is the first bull brought into HRE as a prospect bull and future Herd Sire.  He is showing an excellent temperament and a very calm and docile demeanor.

Mellisa Dubh-Dundonald

Registration Number: 54486

DOB: 05/01/2015

Sire: Hi Oscar-03

Dam: Mellisa 4th of Dundonald *

Mellisa is the leader of our fold and enjoys interacting and engaging with her people. Mellisa carries her head high and moves about the pasture with a purpose. Mellisa comes from the prestigious Dundonald Highland Farm. She performed well in the show ring while at Dundonald. Her fine Highland dam is an impact dam and has delivered five healthy calves in 62 months and has ideal udder structure and also has excellent disposition.  Mellisa is currently due to have her fifth calf in mid January 2022 and is  AI bred to Karabin Farm's Tuffy, the 2007 Reserve Champion Bull at the Denver Stock Show. Update Mellisa had a healthy black bull calf on January 8th weighing in at 65lbs. Calf and Dam are doing well. The long line of Mellisa`s raised at Dundonald is definite evidence of the maternal component of the Highlands. Her Sire HI Oscar-03 has had many progeny recognized in the show ring and his semen is being used by many breeders. Her black color is from sire HI Oscar 03. Mellisa has had 3 Dun calves and 2 black calf.

Mellisa 2.JPG

HRE Ruthie Wee Lass

Registration Number: 58567

DOB: 02/20/2018

Sire:  STR Ruthless Game

Dam: PGH Dandi Wee Lass

Ruthie is sired by STR Ruthless Game the 2016 Bull of the Year and the 2016 Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the Denver Stock Show. Ruthie had her first calf in January 2021 and was a great first time calf Dam. Her bull calf is listed for sale on the Cattle Sales page. Ruthie is currently AI bred to BR Voodoo Magic and is due to calve in mid March 2022. Update Ruthie had a red Heifer calf weighing 64lbs on March 15th.   

Ruthie and calf(Lucy) are doing great.  Ruthie is  feminine  with a medium frame and is very correct and has great udders. Ruthie's Dam is our own PGH Dandi Wee.   

PGH Dandi Wee Lass

Registration Number: 55191

DOB: 05/25/2015

Sire: ZLO Rainer 47X

Dam: PGH Wee Lass *

Dandi's sire is a son of Black Watch Emmett who's dam is Four's Emma. On the maternal lineage Dandi's Dam lists Prairie Grass Hill Red Rocket, Maple Gael Gordon, Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow, and Schon Boden's Topaz to name a few.  Dandi is a large framed cow that has had two nice calves one being the first calf that we have kept HRE Ruthie Wee Lass. Dandi is currently being pasture exposed to AAA Duncan the III of Lea Faye, the maternal half brother to the two time Grand Champion bull Finley Falls Duncan and will calve in Sept 2022.  A special thanks to Clay and Leah Payne of Rockhill Highland Farm for their lease of Duncan. 

Ronnie Sept 16th.png

HRE Veronica Buttercup

Registration Number: 62223

DOB: 02/01/2021

Sire: STR Burning It Down

Dam: Mellisa Dubh-Dundonald

Ronnie's sire is STR Burning It Down, who was the 2019 Bull of the Year and the Grand Champion Bull at the Denver Stock Show.  STR Burning it Down is sired by Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley who has produced many winners in the show ring.  STR Burning it Down's dam is Summit Ranch  Whitney.  In 2011 Whitney was named Grand Champion Female at the NEHCA regional show, the NY State Fair and was National Grand Champion at the NWSS in 2012. She also holds the title of "2011 AHCA Show Heifer of the Year". Ronnie's Dam is our own Mellisa Dubh-Dundonald.  We hope the strong line of maternal linage from both sides of her pedigree passes on to Ronnie.  Ronnie is growing at steady rate and her dun color continues to change.  

ZZR Cassidy SPD

Registration Number: 54023

DOB: 09/25/2014

Sire: RW Nash

Dam: RW Redbud

Cassi is a smaller framed cow and our easiest calving cow, she is an excellent dam with strong maternal instincts.  Cassi is also the cow that gets pulled into the front pen when people want to see the Highlands.  Her calm easy going disposition makes her a favorite to all.  Cassi's linage has a heavy influence from the Red Willow Highland Ranch from Buffalo Missouri. Cassi is currently AI bred to Summit Ranch York and will calf in mid Feburary 2022. Update Cassi delivered a red bull calf on February 13th.  Second update Cassi and calf (Cooper) have relocated to a new home in Bells TX.  Thanks to Chris and Sarah Tesch and family on their purchase of Cassi and Cooper.